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Georg Oehl

Software Developer

Portrait Georg Oehl

Tampa, FL



  • Skills - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, SQL, C#.NET, REST WebAPI, Visual Basic
  • Experience - 10+ years as a Software Developer
  • Other - Mentoring peers, exceptional eye for detail, analytical, methodical, concise


Minesweeper Application Demo


The classic 90s game rebuilt with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js utilizing a public API.
Implementation on Netlify.
GitHub repository.

Movies of 1989 Application Demo

Movies of 1989

A Movies of 1989 page built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React.js utilizing The Movie Database API.
Visit the implementation and the GitHub repository.

Blackjack Application Demo


A light version of the classic card game, written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Implementation on Netlify, code repository on GitHub.

Food Data Central Application Demo

Food Nutrition Database

A Single Page Application written in React.js and C# (REST Web API) providing nutrition information of commercial and generic foods utilizing an API of the USDA.


Blackjack Application Demo

This project was developed as a weekend homework assignment at Suncoast Developers Guild boot camp. It features a basic implementation of the card game with a stats counter and the ability to value aces as 1 or 11.

The latter feature requirement posed a challenge, because the value of a player's hand can be multi-fold. It was resolved by creating an array of all possible hand values, initially counting all aces in a player's hand with a value of one only.

Iterating over the number of aces in the player's hand, each time 10 is added to the previous hand's value, and the new total hand value added to the array.


That way, all possible hand value combinations are made available to the code logic to gauge whether the dealer can draw another card or the game is lost.

Likewise, the display of the multiple hand values allows the user to decide quickly whether to draw another card or not.

Visit the implementation of the card game on Netlify.

Inspect the code repository on GitHub.

Movies of 1989

Movies of 1989 Application Overview

The Movies of 1989 project is a simple Single Page Application written in React.js. It utilizes The Movie DB's public API for displaying movie title, synopsis and poster.

Movies of 1989 Detail

Additional features allow the user to sort the list of movies by two different criteria (Popularity Rating and Release Date) in ascending or descending order as well as jump to adjacent or specific pages.

See the Movies of 1989 page in action and inspect the code repository.


Follow link to visit Minsweeper demo

The popular 90s computer game Minesweeper implemented in React.js utilizing an existing API that accepts game moves and returns the updated minefield in the API request response.

The application recognizes, just like the original, left and right mouse clicks for revealing or flagging a field, respectively.

Minesweeper Lost Game

Special features include game stored in the browser's local storage, so that games can be commenced between browser restarts, an option to play three different game field sizes (10 x 10, 16 x 16 or 24 x 24) and display of (depending on browser width) dynamically sized flag and bomb symbols.

Play the game and inspect the source code.

Food Data Central

Food Nutrition Information Application

Food Data Central is a clone of a web application by the US Department of Agriculture who also provide the API for searching their vast databases of food nutrition data.

Food Data Central Dynamic Page Selector

The application features a dynamic page selector tab that allows for accessing adjacent as well as the first and last two pages of search results.

Food Data Central Favorites

The Sign-Up/Login feature allows users to bookmark their favorite food items for later retrieval.
A single API is used for user sign-up and log-in, 


administering favorites as well as searching for food items and displaying nutrition information. Requests to the latter endpoints are relayed to the USDA API. This keeps the API key hidden.

View the application online and inspect the source code of the front-end application and API.